Core Problems Solved?

The New York Knicks have seemingly found a remedy to their post all-star break woes with the Big Apple ouster of Mike D’Antoni.  Since the resignation of D’Antoni, the Knicks have won each game by double-digits.  The Mike Woodson coaching era began with a lopsided win over Portland, who may also have known their coach was on the verge of an exit as well.  All is well currently for the team who call New York home.

Included within the three game winning streak are consecutive victories over the Indiana Pacers.  Crucial wins for a team holding onto the final playoff spot.  Of their remaining games in March, they will face a team with a winning record only three times and five times they will suit-up against a team .500 or under.

April will turn into the most important month of the season though for New York.  A delayed start to the season also placed the hype on hold for the always optimistic Knick fans.  After an opening day win versus Boston, close observers seen the Knicks struggle for an identity in the usually high-octane offense D’Antoni employs.  A stretch in January seen the team lose nine out of ten, prompting sane basketball fans to declare this may not be the year for the blue and orange.  Then a miracle happened for not only D’Antoni, but also for a kid from Harvard.  A season saved as fans bought into a phenomenon with the Knicks winning games again.

The novelty of the various puns involving Jeremy Lin began to wear-off with the return of Carmelo Anthony.  Some were questioning if the player they traded for, who hasn’t had a chance to play a full season with New York, was the guy they wanted to build a team around.  Whispers and speculation ensued regarding the possibility of Anthony being traded.  For a season shortened by the lockout, this particular year has been a long roller coaster ride with no clear ending in sight.

The cure-all for almost any team in sports is winning.  If this Knick team can continue their newly found winning ways the controversies should subdue.  Unless J.R. Smith continues his hand at photography in the bedroom, then the team may have a whole new unusual set of problems.

*Article originally published at on 3/18/12.