Best of the Rest For Day Three

There are a few guys who slipped big time in the draft so far.  There have also been several surprises including how under-valued the running back position has become in the NFL.  Only seven rushers have heard their name called through the first three rounds. Just as many quarterbacks have been selected.  The wide receiver position has almost doubled the amount of running backs selected, showing which direction the league has definitely moved to.

Guys at multiple positions are still holding out hope they are drafted as one of the 158 remaining new hires during day three of the NFL draft.

Here’s a look at some potential landing spots of unclaimed applicants.

QB Kirk Cousins – Michigan State

Philadelphia was a possible landing spot for Cousins.  Denver would have been a good match as well.  Buffalo needs a backup and Kansas City needs a young arm as well.

Best guess

105 – Buffalo Bills  107 – Kansas City Chiefs  110 – San Diego Chargers

RB Lamar Miller – Miami (FL)

I’m a little shocked Miller is still on the board.  For a back who has speed and balance, I would have thought he wouldn’t last until Saturday of the draft.  Whoever decides to select Miller will get someone who can carry effectively at least 240 times a year the next few seasons.

Best guess

102 or 109 – Washington Redskins  116 – Cincinnati Bengals  119 – Pittsburgh Steelers  123 – Green Bay Packers

RB Chris Polk – Washington

Another under-appreciated back so far.  If a team is shopping for a running back in the fourth round and pass on Lamar Miller, Chris Polk should get the call.

Best guess

102 or 109 – Washington Redskins  116 – Cincinnati Bengals  119 – Pittsburgh Steelers  123 – Green Bay Packers

WR Chris Givens – Wake Forest

A speedy record-setting receiver who should go early on Saturday.  Would look good in Minnesota if he lasts that long.

Best guess

98 – Baltimore Ravens  101 – Denver Broncos  103 – Miami Dolphins  118 – Minnesota Vikings

WR Greg Childs – Arkansas

All three of the Hogs wide receivers are still on the board.  Childs may translate to the best pro, but could be the third Arkansas receiver taken this year.  If someone doesn’t roll the dice on Childs in the fourth, I think he’s gone somewhere in the fifth.

Best guess

143 – Carolina Panthers  149 – San Diego Chargers  159 – Pittsburgh Steelers

TE Orson Charles – Georgia

Charles could fit the mold of a former tight end in a Peyton Manning offense.  Would also look good in a Gary Kubiak offense.

Best guess

99 – Houston Texans  101 – Denver Broncos  111 – Chicago Bears

OT Bobby Massie – Ole Miss

Massie must have interviewed worse than Brennan and Dale in Step Brothers.  If you recall the scene with Seth Rogen there is a team symbol of an NFL franchise in the background.  If he continues to fall, why not?

Best guess

96 – St. Louis Rams  99 – Houston Texans  129 – Oakland Raiders

DT Alameda Ta’amu – Washington

Ta’amu almost has to go in the fourth.  Could start next year.

Best guess

102 – Washington Redskins  104 – Carolina Panthers  118 – Minnesota Vikings  119 – Pittsburgh Steelers

OLB Ronnell Lewis – Oklahoma

Lewis can pass-rush and judging by where Bruce Irvin was drafted, one would have thought outside linebackers would have went in a hurry.

Best guess

105 – Buffalo Bills  112 – Arizona Cardinals  117 – Detroit Lions

CB Brandon Boykin – Georgia

Possibly the best cover-corner left on the board who can also return kicks.

Best guess

100 – Cleveland Browns  101 – Denver Broncos  111 – Chicago Bears

CB Ron Brooks – LSU

The other LSU corner can play and has speed at his disposal.

Best guess

99 – Houston Texans  106 – Seattle Seahawks  111 – Chicago Bears  115 – Tennessee Titans


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