NFL Draft Hype Machine: Kirk Cousins & Nick Foles

Two members of the 2012 NFL draft class were once tied to each other in the same college signing class at Michigan State in 2007.

Kirk Cousins and Nick Foles both competed for a back-up role their freshman season as Spartans.  Cousins used a red-shirt his true freshman season while Foles seen limited action while completing 5-of-8 passes for the year.  Foles was the higher rated prospect in high school out of Westlake, TX., with Cousins seen as more of a local product, graduating from Holland Christian High in Holland, MI.

An incoming transfer in 2008 of another quarterback to East Lansing prompted Foles to then also transfer, landing him in Tucson as an Arizona Wildcat.  The further chance of a depth-chart competition would end.

Cousins has seen his draft stock rise.

They have competed once again though for an opportunity to land their first job out of college.  Most mock draft projections have each of them being drafted on Saturday, rounds four through seven.  Recent consensus shows Cousins as the higher rated prospect.  The combine treated Cousins well while Foles workouts have been deemed lackluster.

Their college passing statistics are very comparable.  Each of them eclipsed 9,000 yards passing for their careers, with Foles reaching the 10,000+ mark.  Foles tossed 67 touchdowns, Cousins tallied 66.  Completion percentage of Foles passes were 66.9% and Cousins completed 64.1%.  They truly differ between their yards-per-attempt where different offensive philosophies most likely came into place.  Cousins averaged almost a full yard more than Foles, but attempted a much lesser amount of passes.  Foles would routinely attempt roughly 50 passes each game.  His lowest totals of passing attempts this past season was 33 against Stanford in a loss and 39 versus UCLA in a winning effort.  Cousins only attempted 30 or more passes in exactly half of his games last year.

College Statistics
Comp-Att Comp % Yards YPA TD Int
Cousins 723 – 1,128 64.1 9,131 8.1 66 30
Foles 938 – 1,403 66.9 10,068 7.2 67 33

How early will Foles go?

Neither has displayed good scrambling ability.  It’s also expected neither will arrive with the expectations of playing right away.  Cousins could fit well into a west-coast offense, possibly thriving from spreading the ball and occasionally taking a chance deep.  Foles will most likely excel in an offense consisting of shotgun formations consisting of out-routes and drag-routes.

Who will most likely hear their name called first on draft weekend?  My guess is Cousins will learn his destination before Foles.  It’s possible both go before the end of round three, but reading the tea leaves involving pre-draft visits, Foles may last until the fourth round or later.

Best Guesses For Potential Landing Spots

Kirk Cousins
67 – Cleveland Browns
71 – Buffalo Bills
74 – Kansas City Chiefs
87 – Denver Broncos
88 – Philadelphia Eagles
90 – Green Bay Packers

Nick Foles
105 – Buffalo Bills
107 – Kansas City Chiefs
108 – Denver Broncos
110 – San Diego Chargers
114 – Philadelphia Eagles
132 or 133 – Green Bay Packers


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